image MISSION. Our mission is to support our military men and women deployed in harm’s way. This is done by sending packages filled with travel size snacks, games, and personal care items. Letters of appreciation for their sacrifice are enclosed in each package. Remembering them is our personal obligation and our duty.

NEED. Packages received reassures their recipients that they are in the hearts and minds of those at home who know the sacrifice they are making is for them. These packages raise their morale at a time in which they are facing uncertainty, loneliness, and being in a hostile environment.

SCOPE. Patriot Packages will accept AO/FPO/DOD addresses for any deployed or soon to be deployed unit or individual which it receives. Its geographical boundaries are the State of Missouri and Southern Illinois. Patriot Packages’ main focus is on those units and individuals deployed from bases and armories within its boundaries. Its operates 12 months a year from the Warrenton National Guard Armory and ships monthly when APO/FPO/DOD addresses require it to.

VALIDATION. The letters Patriot Packages receives from the Soldiers, Sailors, Coast Guard, Airmen and Marines thanking it for remembering them proves the “Mission” is worthy and its continuance is necessary. These will be shared upon request.

How To Donate

Accepted Methods of Donation

Monetary donations are welcomed.
Tax deductable receipts are provided upon request


Make check payable to:

Patriot Packages #1271394

Mail deposit to:

First State Community Bank
PO Box 456 Wright City, MO 63390


Electronic Fund Transfer:
You can use your bill pay at your financial institution.
They will mail a check for you.
You will need the address:

Patriot Packages
#1271394 & Routing # 081918425
First State Community Bank
PO Box 456   
Wright City, MO 63390

ADD Troops To Our Send Lists

Servicemen & women from all military branches stationed in harm's way around the world can recieve care packages from Patriot Packages. APO & FPO adresses of loved ones overseas are accepted.

Send APO/FPO/DOD addresses to:

Patriot Packages P.O. Box 336

Wright City, MO 63390

Or Through E-Mail

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