OUR MISSION is to support our military men and women deployed in harm’s way by sending appreciation packages filled with travel size snacks, games, and personal care items. Letters are enclosed in each package thanking them for their service. Remembering them is the obligation and duty of every American.

PACKAG20141115_101100ES received by our deployed military reassures them they are in the hearts and minds of those at home.  These packages raise their morale at a time in which they are facing uncertainty, loneliness, and being in a hostile environment.


PATRIOT PACKAGES 20141115_100127will send packages to any AO/FPO/DOD address for any deployed or soon to be deployed unit or individuals. 20141115_111141We operate 12 months a year from the Warrenton National Guard Armory and ship monthly.  Send a package to your deployed military  Packages are shipped free charge. All our staff are volunteers and we are funded completely from donations.


WE ARE VALIDATED by the letters we receives from the Soldiers, Sailors, Coast Guard, Airmen and Marines thanking us for remembering them.  It shows the “Mission” is worthy and its continuance is necessary.   See the letters