Have you a loved one or a special person  that is deployed and would welcome a package from home showing that their service is appreciated and that they are being remembered?

Be assured that all information submitted will be kept in confidence and not disclosed to anyone other than Patriot Packages personnel.  All packages are sent free of charge.

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Enter the full name & address of the soldier receiving the package. 

Recipients Name
Unit Designation
APO  AE  or  APO AP  or FPO AE  or  FPO AP
Zip Code

For Example:
     John Smith                                 Sally Jones 
     82 ABM DIV, Union III           BCE ADV Team, DET-1
     APO AE                                      Unit 16261, AB TQ
     11234                                          08519


You can also email us the recipients name & address to:
Mail us the recipients name & address to:
    P. O. BOX 336
    WRIGHT CITY, MO 63390