These are just a few of the thank you letters we have received from our Troops.   We truly thank them for their service.  

To whom it may concern at Patriot Packages,

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you very much for the cookies that were made by your staff. They are delicious and greatly appreciated. For my Soldiers to know that they have the support of great Americans like yourselves back home makes a world of difference. The looks on their faces as they enjoyed the awesome cookies spoke a 1000 words and I just wanted to express our gratitude for all you have done. The holidays were made much brighter by your efforts and we all say a heart felt thank you! If you happen to ever have more cookies that don’t have a place to go or if you just happen to make too many, please see below for our address! We will be here until next August. Thanks again for all your support.

Thank you,

Kandahar, Afghanistan


To the Volunteers of Patriot Packages,

On behalf of our Soldiers, I thank you all for the time and care put into recently sending care packages. We particularly found the stars to be touching and inspiring. I will ensure that the individual bags are distributed among our troops. We want you all to know that you have made a difference and we thank you for your “grateful citizenry!” God Bless,.

Masum Ghar, Afghanistan



I am writing to say thank you to a couple of your students for sending my unit care packages. A little about us, we are a Medevac company currently stationed at Forward Operating Base Ghazni in Afghanistan. Our crews operate on Blackhawk helicopters and fly in and pick up sick and injured soldiers and civilians. It is probably one of the most rewarding jobs in the military and we have the honor of being able to pick up our injured soldiers on the battlefield and get them home to their families. Unfortunately the job isn’t without its danger as you can imagine and I am just returning from being shot in the leg while out on a mission. Fortunately all of the thoughts and prayers kept the bullet from hitting anything vital and no one else on my crew was injured. I have been back for 2 weeks now and am loving the opportunity to be back working with this great crew!

I just wanted Brooklyn and Maria in particular to know that we have taken their beautiful pictures and hung them on our wall so we can see them everyday and know that we have the love and support of people back home. Please continue to pray for us and our mission. Thank you again for all of the wonderful support!

Major K W


To all the Volunteers from Patriot Packages,

I am a member of the Missouri Army National Guard deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I have had the great honor of serving my country on duty for almost 30 years. I am currently on my 3rd tour, two of which were in combat zones. Today I received one of your packages and I was humbled when I opened that package. It contained a part of something that I have given the greater part of my life to serve and protect, a piece of an American Flag. It is difficult to express one’s feelings about such a small item, especially a faded piece of cloth. Many have no idea what the American Flag means to me or my brothers and sisters in arms. I have seen lives, limbs and years away from home given for Old Glory and the idea of freedom. You would be so proud of the heroes I have known, of their gift of sacrifice. Knowing that it was all given freely and not forced, makes it even more precious a gift. In those faded threads on the star, I see the lives of so many from so far, intertwined to make the very fabric of America. Though her colors have faded and she cannot fly above our great land, this star from our American Flag encourages me to do my best for my country. I will proudly carry this star with me through the rest of my tour. Thank you so much for your kindness and support for me and my fellow Service members, both active and retired.

CW4 M A 
Buehring, Kuwait


Thank you from Afghanistan

I wanted to let you know I received your care packages today.

The knowledge that people from your organization took the time and effort to sew the individual bags and then fill them with items we so vitally need is truly humbling!

Please pass along my personal thanks to every person involved.

Shindand AB Afghanistan



Thank you for the package!

My name is W B. I have been in the Air Force for 14 years now. I am currently deployed for a year, and I just received a care package from your organization. I cannot thank you enough for sending it. Being that a vast majority or your personnel are veterans themselves, I am sure you know the excitement and appreciation you feel when you get a package in the mail from family. I use the term family in the sense that as Americans, I definitely feel that we are a family. When I opened the package and saw all of the snacks, socks, toiletries, and letters from the kids, I was in hog heaven. The thing that got me the most was the small piece of the American flag that you included with the note. You know, I cant help but get an overwhelming sense of pride and fire when I receive such a kind and patriotic gesture. It really makes you realize that there is not a country, army, or terrorist organization on the face of this planet that will ever take us. Lord willing, we will continue to have proud and dedicated Americans fighting for our great nation, and a family of 330 million back home supporting us. Very proud and thankful to have received your gift today. Thank you for service and support. I made sure to pass the package along to the rest of my Airmen and they enjoyed it. God Bless all of you and thank you for also renewing our vigor and tenacity. Happy Thanksgiving and have a Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!

Capt W B 
Coalition Air Operations Center
Al Udeid AB, Qatar